Wood Knives

CB Manufacturing offers a comprehensive range of precision ground blades, made from high quality hardened and tempered stainless and carbon steels. All Knives are made to the most exacting OEM standards. This enables our customers to obtain the best possible results for their cutting requirements, lowering their overall production costs.

Our staff includes dedicated Engineers, to help provide cutting solutions for your specific needs. Our facility includes "state-of-the-art" in-house heat-treating and cryogenics capability, which allows us to further enhance the durability of our blades.

CB Manufacturing produces many different styles of knives, both standard and custom made. Please contact us and speak to one of our Sales Representatives to find out which blade will help boost your profitability.

Most knives in stock ready for shipment.

Custom Made knives easily produced.

Resharpening Service
Why go to a general machine shop when you can have a professional knife manufacturer resharpen your knives, at a competitive cost? We grind all knives on special machines or fixtures, matched to new knife tolerances, by the same skilled operators who grind our new knives!

Our knowledge of metallurgy and grinding abrasives helps us choose the correct combination to give you a superior cutting edge. Some companies will "burn the steel" which can make the edge brittle and then take a "clean-up pass" to hide this. At ACE, we know how to grind knives, so we can give you a wear resistant edge that will last longer. Our wide variety of equipment allows us to sharpen almost anything from shear blades to end mills.

Quick turn-around, usually 1-2 weeks in our plant and rush orders are easily accommodated, even same day service! Call Today!