Wire and Metal Recycling Knives

CB Manufacturing offers a wide variety of granulator and shredder knives along with premium replacement parts specifically designed for the processing of non ferrous metals. Our use of premium high chromium alloys along with cutting edge heat treatment assures the knives you receive from CB Manufacturing are the finest available in the industry.

Wire and Metal RecyclingOur knives and wear parts provide processors exceptional wear resistance, durability and toughness allowing you to meet preventative maintaining schedules. Knives or wear parts made of inferior materials wear prematurely or break with the potential of costing you thousands of dollars in damage, and lost production time that can never be recovered. Eliminate poor performance and lost production time with knives and replacement parts from CB Manufacturing the industry leader for more than 40 years.

We stock thousands of knives for the most common models used in the non ferrous metal recycling industry and offer short lead times for the unusual items.

If you operate shredders or granulators manufactured by MTB, Triple S Dynamics, or Cumberland contact us today and improve your recycling throughput tomorrow.