Large Underwater Pelletizer Blades

CB Manufacturing was built on the cornerstone of our underwater pelletizer blade product line. Charlie Biehn (CB Manufacturing's founder) was the first to bond Ferro-tic to stainless and presented this blade at NPE in the 1980's. This blade is now known as the bi-metal blade and is the industry standard. CB Manufacturing has been an industry leader and innovator in the UWP blade industry since 1965.

CB currently manufactures a wide variety of solid and bi-metallic UWP blades. The most common blades we manufacture are Berstorff, Black Clawson, Coperion/Werner Pfleiderer, Egan, Farrel, JSW and Kobe. We carry many of the OEM standard blades in stock but a blade customized to your application is best. We can analyze and deliver customized blades for your application in eight weeks or less.

CB Manufacturing has recently dedicated a new staff (in our engineering, sales, operations, research & development departments) and purchased capital equipment to achieve new advancements in the pelletizer knife industry. Our current capabilities produces the tightest tolerance knives in the industry which will reduce your knife/die plate wear, product waste and energy costs.

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