Eldan Knives

Tired of waiting weeks or months for high priced knives from Eldan? We have the solution! Buy your Eldan granulator and rasper knives from CB Manufacturing located in the United States.

EldanCB Manufacturing stocks knives for the most commonly used Eldan machines in the United States and Canada. Our 45 years of expertise in manufacturing industrial machine knives for the tire and non ferrous recycling industries assures you are provided rasper and granulator knives with the toughness, wear resistance, and durability required daily in your harsh environment.

Our use of modern high chromium alloys provide superior wear resistance and toughness allowing your facility to operate on longer preventative maintenance cycles maximizing your machines potential and saving you thousands of dollars.

Special stocking programs are available for high volume users providing dedicated inventory, assuring parts will be available upon demand.

CB Manufacturing are experts at sharpening your used Eldan knives. Why send your expense knives to a local machine shop without the expertise in grinding high alloy materials. Companies without experience, with these alloys, often expose the knives to excessive heat, damaging the steel microstructure and resulting in premature wear or catastrophic failure. Our sharpening service is competitively priced with lead times of less than one week.