Heat Treating Industrial Knives

Most Industrial knives are made from a variety of tool and stainless steels depending upon the application. To get the most from a knife, heat treating processes to harden, temper, and convert the base material to a stronger end product are critical to the successful application of a knife.

Heat Treating Better than 15 years ago, CB Manufacturing realized that controlling the heat treat of its end products was critical to optimizing their life and performance. CB Manufacturing has a comprehensive heat treat division with capability for a wide variety of heat treating processes ranging from Atmospheric carburizing and hardening of steels to vacuum heat treating, a variety of quenching processes, induction hardening, straightening and cryogenics.

By having our own heat treat facility right on our manufacturing campus, we are able to specifically tune the characteristics of our knives to your specific application. Call a CB applications engineer for specific advice and help in getting the most from your industrial knives.